About Us

The mid-1990s was an explosive time for extreme motorsports, and after seeing a flyer for a drag racing event at Eastern Creek Raceway, an 20-year-old Pete Harmston entered his first motorsport competition.  From there, Pete went on to win races and he became a member of famed Pro Street Category. Really enjoying his time on the quarter mile but it wasn’t enough so he switched discipline.


Pete became one of the top competitors in IPRA (Improved Production #16 Mazda RX7), but he wanted more.  In 2013, Pete Harmston founded Liquid Clothing Co.  Pete took his lifelong love for racing as well as an instinctive talent for art and design, and blended these (along with lots of hard work) into one of the most elite custom action sports apparel brands in the Australia, Liquid Clothing Co.  Today, almost 10 years later, Pete is still actively competing and racing.  He lives in Wollongong NSW with his wife, Karyn, and their son.


Striving to be the best and not the biggest in a time when outsourcing to countries other than the Australia is common, Liquid Clothing Co. is very proud of the fact that most of our custom apparel is designed here in Australia.  Over the years, Liquid has expanded its production capabilities and product lines to include a wide variety of action sports from motocross to surfing to motorsport.


Our Mission:  To create the highest quality custom sports apparel while providing our clients with personalized customer service every step of the way (including some of the leading names and companies in action sports).  Total customer satisfaction is our goal.


Our Products:  Liquid Clothing Co. strives to continually exceed the expectations of our customers in design, fit, and performance.  All of our apparel is custom manufactured for each order.  Liquid also provides superior, distinctive custom artwork.  We do not repeat designs, thus ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation for your custom apparel.


The Liquid staff have first-hand experience in a wide range of extreme sports.  We are constantly testing and retesting our garments and fabrics, providing feedback to our designers who continually improve the garment fit and function on already successful designs and styles.


Liquid’s fabrics are woven from the most innovative materials and are repeatedly tested by great champions.  Our apparel is printed utilizing sublimation technology, which means that all graphics are dyed into the fabric prior to sewing.  The result: vibrant graphics that will never crack or peel.  We guarantee it.


Our Commitment:  To give our clients the highest quality personalized customer service possible while constantly striving to improve our products.  Liquid Clothing Co. utilizes the newest, most advanced materials, newest technology, and the latest techniques for manufacturing custom sports apparel.